Burger King

Burger King

Company Name: Burger King
Company Address: Burger King Holdings, Inc 5505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami, Florida, 33126
Company Email: Not Available
Company Phone: 1-866-394- 2493
Corporate Number: 1-305- 378-3000
Website: www.burgerking.com
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Business Category: Food
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Herein listed below are the customer service details of Burger King restaurant, which includes the phone numbers and the address. It is with this information that you can source various information related to Burger King restaurants, menu, locations, file a complaint and so forth.

Burger King Phone Number  Details


Phone Number

United States of America

1-305- 378-3000 ( Corporate Headquarters)

1-866-394- 2493



United Kingdom

0800-169- 0438


+61- 2- 9663-5758 ( Also known as Hungry Jack)

New Zealand

0800-425- 464


About Burger King

Burger King is the second largest burger chain in the world. The company was known as Insta- Burger when it was started in the year 1953. having its headquarters in Miami, Florida, Burger King has its footprints, all over the world.

The company has 15,243 outlets in 100 countries and serves over 11 million customers on a daily basis. Popular items on the menu include flame-broiled burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, drinks, and desserts, apart from side items such as French fries, onions rings, and the green salad.

Burger King is currently owned by 3G Capital. The company operates by the name of Hungry Jack in Australia, due to a trademark dispute.


Burger King Customer Phone Number

The Burger King customer phone number is meant for people, so as to let them contact them the relevant department for their various issues. As far the too- free phone number along with the other details mentioned in the page are concerned, one can be sure of their authenticity. Nevertheless, at a certain point in time, the details are more likely to change in the near future. If you wish to know more, visit : www.burgerking.com



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