Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins

Company Name: Johns Hopkins Medical
Company Address: 1800 Orleans Street. , , Baltimore, Maryland , 21201
Company Email: Not Available
Company Phone: 410-464-6816
Corporate Number: 410- 614-5000
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Business Category: Medical
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Find herein, all the important phone numbers that will help you to connect with the concerned departments at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Phone numbers – ( Department Specific)


For Admitting

 Department  Phone Numbers
Adult 410-955- 6190
Pediatric 410-955- 8756
Oncology 410-955- 8980


For Appointments

Department Phone Numbers
Maryland Residents- Adult  410-955- 5000
Maryland Residents- Pediatric 443-997- 5437
Outside Maryland 410-464- 6555 ( US Citizens)

+1 – 410-502- 7683 ( Non- US Citizens)


For General Information

Department Phone Numbers
Accomodations Office  410-464-6816
Guest Services 410- 614-5000
Billing Coordinator 410-955-8288
Patient Information 410-502- 4000
Patient Relations 410- 955- 2273
Interpreter Services 410- 614- 4685
Security 410-955-5585


About The  Johns Hopkins Hospital

The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore is one of the top-ranked US hospitals. It was founded in 1889, by making use of money bequeathed by rich philanthropist Johns Hopkins.

At the John Hopkins Hospitals, the focus is on providing patients with comprehensive medical care for all the major and minor health-related issues. For the benefit of the patient’s state of the art, technologies are being used.

Each of the department related to pediatrics, oncology, an child care is helmed by professionals, who are considered best in business. The Johns Hopkins Hospital has a lot to offer and it certainly provides the best of health care without compromising on any front.


Customer Support for John Hopkins  

 Patients or any other individuals can dial at any time from anywhere on the John Hopkins support phone number, which of course is available on a 24×7 basis. With the toll- free number, the customers can contact the relevant departments. The phone support plays a crucial role for those who are looking to get a proper health check-up. In case, the phone numbers are not working, please make sure to notify about the same. Further, to know more, visit-

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