Company Name: Orbitz
Company Address: 500 W.Madison Street, Suite 1000 Chicago, IL- 60661 , , ,
Company Email: Not Available
Company Phone: 1-312- 279-7740
Corporate Number: 1-312- 279-7740
Website: www.orbitz.com
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Business Category: Travel
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Find herein all the necessary information such as phone number and email address, related to Orbitz. The information being put together are meant for those who are looking  for genuine information related to flight, hotel bookings and so forth.  

Orbitz Phone Numbers ( Country Specific)


         Country               Phone Number
Orbitz USA  844-803-5580 ( Local)

1-312- 279-7740 ( Abroad)

Orbitz UK 1-312-279-7740
Orbitz Canada 1-312-279-7740
Orbitz Australia 1-312-279-7740
Orbitz New Zealand 1-312-279-7740


About Orbitz

Orbitz is a leading online fare aggregator and travel metasearch engine. Most of the customers use this website to book and plan their travel itineraries, right from start to the finish.

Founded in the year 2001 by a group of airlines, it has subsequently added new features, for the benefits of the users. Depending on one’s preference, users can book hotels, flights, car rentals and even cruises. It is more like a one-stop destination for all thing related to travel.

Orbitz has its headquarters in Chicago and is a subsidiary of Expedia. Keeping up with the changing times and demand, Orbitz was perhaps the first company to launch a mobile app to sell flights and vacation packages. The app is quite popular and has made the booking process more convenient and secure.


Customer Support for Orbitz 

By making use of the Orbitz customer support number, you have a good chance of getting in touch with one of the representatives in real quick time. The toll- free support number is perhaps one of the best ways to plan out holiday, book hotels, buy plane tickets and much more. As for the phone number and the other details listed above, it may or may not change in the near future and this is something beyond anyone’s control. The main objective of the page is to provide genuine and accurate information.  To know more, visit- www.orbitz.com

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