Company Name: Priceline
Company Address: 800 Connecticut Avenue Norwalk, CT 06854, , ,
Company Email: Not Available
Company Phone: 877-477-5807
Corporate Number: 877-477-5807
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Business Category: Travel
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Listed herein are all the necessary information related to phone number and address of Priceline. The information being put up are meant for the general users, who are looking for ways to book hotel, flights, plan an itinerary and so forth.

Priceline Phone Numbers ( Country Specific)

Country  Phone number
United States 877-477-5807
Canada 877-477- 5807
United Kingdom 020-7136-8462
France 157-323-025
Australia 02-8223-9711
New Zealand 099-200- 062


About Priceline is a USA based commercial website and specializes in finding low-cost rates for travel-related purposes. The company was founded in 1997 by Jay Walker and has its main office in Connecticut.

Priceline primarily focuses on facilitating the user with a platform, where they can locate the ideal accommodations, without having to face too many obstacles.

The company is now owned by Bookings Holdings and its present CEO is Brett Keller. As of now, Priceline offers a great many options in the form of hotels and other accommodations, which can be booked at an affordable price. For those who are budget conscious, Priceline has many lists of properties, which they can look at.

At Priceline, the emphasis is more on serving the needs of the users and on that front, it never disappoints.


Customer Support  for Priceline

By making use of the Priceline customer support phone number,  it becomes easy for you to inquire about the various services. The phone number and address described above are accurate and reliable. You are free to call one of the Priceline customer representative, with whom you can discuss the many issues in the best possible way. In a scenario, where you wish to find the best possible medium to know the various aspects of Priceline, make sure to read go through the details mentioned above. To learn more, visit-

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