Company Name: Trivago
Company Address: 1 Benningsen- Platz 40474 Dusseldorf, Germany. , , ,
Company Email: Not Available
Company Phone: 1 646 663 6068
Corporate Number: 1 646 663 6068
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Business Category: Travel
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Herein listed are the contact number and other information related to Trivago. The information is meant for those who wish to get in touch with Trivago, in order to learn more about the status of their bookings, cancellations, price and availability of hotel rooms.

Trivago Phone Number ( Country Specific)

 Country  Phone Number
Hotel Relation Team USA 1 646 663 6068
Hotel Relation Team Canada 1 646 663 6067 ( English)

33 170 99 5052 ( French)

Hotel Relation Team Australia 1 646 663 6067
Hotel Relation Team New Zealand 1 646 663 6067
Hotel Relation Team Germany 49 211 387684 1530
Hotel Relation Team France 33 170 99 5052
Hotel Relation team UK 44 203 451 5239
Hotel Relation Team India 91 80 71219220


About Trivago

Trivago is a German multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products such as hotels and lodgings. The group is now owned by Expedia is considered to be one of the fastest growing companies in Germany.

According to some estimates, the company serves around 120 million travelers globally.  It is mainly used to compare the prices of hotel rooms, which really comes in handy.

Trivago’s wide network covers many countries and one can find almost all the necessary information, related to Hotel property, rooms, price and subsequent deals. The potential traveler just needs to identify the best hotel, based on the budget and requirement.

With Trivago, the business of booking hotel rooms at the convenient price is simply efficient.


Trivago Customer Helpline Number

In case you need legitimate information related to hotel bookings and cancellations, you can surely try out the toll- free Trivago customer helpline number. By and large, the phone support number allows you to speak to the official customer representatives, which to a large extent can be of immense help. The support number and email address listed above are accurate and can be relied upon. For more information,-

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