OneNote for iOS and Mac Lets You Attach Files – Isn’t it...

OneNote for iOS and Mac Lets You Attach Files – Isn’t it Surprising!!

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Updated feature in One Note Allow attach files using IOS or Mac device 

With the world getting modernized day by day along with the technology, the schools and universities are not left behind in terms of rendering education applying modern techniques. As press release giving update about One Note on IOS and Mac device, the application will now let users attach files to their notes.  An audio recording of a lecture can also be added to the notes by uploading the same in order to make things convenient for the user can listen to the lecture by accessing the audio files within a quick second. By performing this activity, there is no need to search for the same in cloud storage.  Along with that PDF printout can also be attached that can help students in going through the annotations by accessing the cloud storage without getting their mind diverted from the studies. The video file can also be embedded in the keynotes in order to get more clarity about the topic.

There is something more that attachment support that can be found in One Note application upgrade which is increasingly gained prominence across the world. As some of the users, especially students in school and college are not aware of its functionality. That upgrade is done basically for the convenience of the corporate people as well as for the students. With one drive can now be opened and edited in quick time by the users, the most attractive part is that lock and unlock password protected sections  is now added in the one-note drive. With this, the user can now keep their content safe from unknown people who like peeping into other accounts.  Another update is completely specific for the students as they can now change the order of pages in a notebook as per their convenience on Mac and IOS devices like iPad and iPhone as well as has a functionality to share them through email. These features upgrade in One Note drive will definitely help the students in revising the important topics during the exam days reading hastily notes maintained by them during the academic year.