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Scam Awareness

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Technical Support Scam

With technical support scam getting prominent these days, it has bamboozled many people across the globe with its malicious activities; once remote access is authorized by desktop and laptop users. The malicious activities are performed by scammers on the phone while rendering legitimate technical support services for any kind of problems; users generally face in their email account, printers, routers, PC, laptops, Operating system ,antivirus applications, accounting software and much more. Telephonic fraud activities are generally performed over the phone call, which unsuspected users generally make to avail support for quick fixation of issues he/she is facing using any kind of device or software. Also known as cold call scams, the tech support scam has been quite consistently taking place in English speaking countries such as United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom since 2008.

As scammers ploy several strategies or confidential tricks to trust their company as well as services provided by them; users generally get convinced with the interaction with those unknown people sitting in another corner of the world and give remote access to them . Once the remote access is under the control of scammers, they employ variety of secret techniques by adding or deleting windows components, add third party utilities as well as some other tasks to make users believe there are certain critical issues which are being rectified by an expert tech guy as they are making some essential activities that are important to troubleshoot the issues in their device or software applications. Users unaware of the techniques and the procedure to rectify critical problems occurring in an email account, printers, routers, PC, laptops, Operating system, antivirus applications as well as accounting software.

The tech support scammers generally pretend to be the legitimate company such as Microsoft or Norton or Cannon while rendering services for Operating System or antivirus or a printer device. The users come under their influence thinking that they are interacting with the tech support expert of the company from where they have purchased product or services. With immense trust on the company name, users have a tendency to share their personal details, email address, phone number as well as card details for availing services or to renew the product license, which is getting expired.

How to Identify Tech Support Scam Website?
Scammers do not give any call to users from their own end. They persuade users to contact them at their number displayed on the website with the same look and feel of a branded company with the logo on top of the web page. The things start from advertising the tech support website on the website with toll-free number. Users themselves search for a tech support services on the search engine and get several organic results in which the scam website is one of them. There is not a single website delivering tech support service but millions of them can be found on the internet by placing an organic search on the website

Once users dial a toll-free number provided on the website or title shown in the organic search of popular search engines, the tech support expert ask for the services they want to avail. But before that they have a diagnostic tool which gives a result that there are critical issues in the particular device say PC or laptop device. They convince the user to get these problems rectified in quick time otherwise, it will make their device vulnerable. The common methods used by scammers running tech support websites is a misrepresentation of content as well as the output of each windows tools and system directories, which are the perfect evidence of malicious activities conducted by tech support scam companies.

As users are unaware of the system functionalities, tech support expert shown unidentified files in tem file and prefetch folder and make users aware that virus and malware files are detected in the website as well as run fake computer optimization tool that shows various warning showing computer at risk.

When users ask them how to get these issues rectified as their device warranty has been expired otherwise it could have been rectified for free, they show different plans on the payment page and convince them to make payment on the unsecured page which generally al the credit card or bank details which users insert to make payment of fixed amount. Though those fake issues are shown as removed by the experts, but the amount keeps on debited from the users account on monthly basis.

This is a complete indication of technical support scam for which awareness is provided to all the users regarding not to any untrusted or unknown website blindly and think twice while giving personal or bank details to these kind of scammers.