Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Helpline Number is already familiar with the importance of sheltering the privacy details shared by users on the website  . This website does not contain any kind of information or force users to provide those details which they are not willing to give. Only those personal details of the user will be stored in the website database which is voluntarily provided by their end at the time of sending email as well as at the time of commenting on the website and its associated articles or posts.

There is no need for users to indicate the information provided from their need not to be disclosed as it is supposed to be kept confidential. Cookies are set properly from our end time-to-time in order to gauge our readership level in a better way. No personal information will be stored automatically through these cookies without letting users know about the same.

Privacy policy of Helpline Number contain the following Points

  • Categorized Accumulation of personal details derived by
  • Handling of personalized details shared by users.
  • Amendments can be done on personal or no personal information disclosed by users.
  • Third party web links of companies.
  • Confiscation of cookies done for enhanced performance of the website.
  • Spam as well as spoof email access not allowed.
  • Complete security provision for personal as well as non-personal information provided by users.
  • Portal available for users to contact for any queries relating to the privacy

Information We Collect

Accumulation of Personal Information

Personal Information collected from users on a manual basis in the form of the name, billing or shipping address, telephone number, email address, credit or debit card details as well as profile image, gives an identification of yours as an individual.

Personal Information Collected From You

The personal details are accumulated by us when you get registered or subscribed to avail certain product or services, while taking part in the sweepstakes, participate in contest or games, fill the survey form with necessary details, interactive feature such as chat or email, get in touch with customer service team rendering 24×7-assistance, sharing information on community forums and much more.

Personal Information Gathered About User from Third Party Sources

 Personal information about you can also be gathered from third party source such as social media, social networking websites, business organization, financial institutions, affiliate websites with which you are already associated with. The details which we gather from third party sources about you is you name, contact details, transactional details, credit history, relationship history with organizations rendering goods and services, your usernames on social media websites, any vital info such as email address, friends added in social media network as well as your profile picture that can give your exact recognition.

Other Information That You Disclose or Share:

We store all the information you disclose or share with us voluntarily  in a secured form which includes your gender, location zip code, birth date, educational qualification, financial information related to investments and tax details along with income incurred on a monthly basis and much more.  Other than this, there are several other informational sources that provide non-personal details regarding you such as browser information, demographic as well as comprehensive information.

 Other Information We Receive About You from Variant Sources

 Other information that can be derived from third parties about you such as demographic data, social media account details and number, details about your interests, likes, and dislikes. Information about your activities on other websites and much more.

Other Details We Automatically Collect When You are Online

 We @ Helpline-numbers, as well as service providers associated with us, are highly capable of collecting certain information automatically from our website once you access our official website Once you get connected with our helpline service website , our ISP automatically receives and record information about your  computer or mobile device on which website is accessed as well as web browser, which was used to open our website. Other than this; we also derive information about your IP, browser type, and its version as well as other software or hardware information. We may also derive information such as geo-location data through a unique device identifier assigned to that device as well as other transactional data if the website is accessed through Smartphone or another device such as a tablet.

Helpline number service provider may utilize cookies as well as other tracking technologies such as browser cookies, pixels, beacons as well as Adobe Flash player technology; whenever is accessed from your PC or Smartphone device. Third party website supporting Helpline numbers website by displaying adverts as well as rendering quality services associated with it such as providing a provision to users to comment on the content published on the website as well as permit them to share the content as well as modify content based on the usage as well as track aggregate site usage statistics as well make use of technology which can be helpful to collect information available on along with other websites.

How We Use Your Information?

Your personal and non-personal information collected by us through website as well as through third party websites can be used for various purposes mentioned below (in enumerated points). It should be quite clear to you as well as all other users that we @ Helpline numbers are authorized to use as well as disclose other information for any purpose except the points that need to be considered by us as per the laws applicable. There might be a possibility that other information provided from your end can be treated as personal information from our side and can be disclosed by us as per the applicable law. In this case, other information can be combined along with your personal information and in this case combined information can be treated as personal information from our end.

In order to provide and manage our services; we use the information, we collect from as well as render product, services, and features that fulfill your subscription plan. We also send you the notification about the transactional relationship you have with us for a specific time period upon availing our services. In order to improvise those services and attributes/features, we allow you comment on the content of our website as well as participate in sharing news about different niches such as tech, business, finance, games, product and services as well as other contributions to be made on the website from your end.

 If any question arises in your mind regarding privacy policy formulated by us then send us an email at