Apple Safari Browser Will Soon be Faster like Google Chrome

Apple Safari Browser Will Soon be Faster like Google Chrome

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With Safari browser quite common when it comes to accessibility by Mac users; the developers are making an effort to make it faster for delivering a real-time performance like Google Chrome. As Mac OS X 10.12 (Mac OS Sierra) is about to launch very soon with Safari 10, experts are testing WebP (which is owned by Gmail) in order to provide astonishing web experience to the users accessing internet on Mac device. Usage of WebP has been efficiently done by experts working with Google to get efficient results delivered to the internet users in mini-seconds from their official web browser within seconds.

Though browsers installed on the Mac device has an official tie-up with Apple and the customer service team working there also renders Safari browser helpline services to the Mac and IOS device users, Safari customer service number is also available online to render browser helpdesk services to the users, who have installed browser on PC, laptops, and android devices and facing problems related to script error, slow response, network connection issues, web page loading issues, 404 error display, problem upgrading browser to latest version and much more.

Usage of WebP service is a proven process as it was used for the first time in Google Chrome at building 32 during the year 2013 before being used in Safari browser version 10 coming with Mac OS Sierra.  Recently this application has also been used by Facebook for image compression unpinning and is being utilized for task accomplishing in various utilities developed by Google for user convenience. Safari Browser slow response issues has attracted lot of uses towards Safari helpdesk services as the helpline phone number of Safari was being dialed consequently by several users across the globe to fix hang-up issues happening due to congestion of cookies and cache, which were not getting removed from Safari browser on PCs with Windows and Linux OS installed on it.

As per the sources from CNET, WebP has still not been used by Microsoft and there is no chance, it will be used in Windows 10 on pre-installed Microsoft Edge Browser that has replaced Internet explorer was the default pre-installed browser, which used to come with previous versions of Windows OS.

As there is very low probability of using WebP in Safari on IOS 10 and Mac OS Sierra for making users enjoy fast browsing experience like they do in Google Chrome as both of them are in beta version and it’s really hard to say whether Safari browser customer service team will be able to deliver quality services and make the experience of internet users memorable.

From other unspecified sources, there are rumors floating across about Apple turning away this application to provide robustness to the Safari Browser as WebP application is found in many browsers which have been used in excess as compared to Safari due to its slow performance. Still, there is no other browser than Safari, which is ranked 2nd in the world after Google Chrome for its effective performance and web browser helpline services offered to users.

If WebP is utilized properly by Safari, there is no reason that it can’t be on top of the world in near future for loading web pages at lightning speed.