iOS 10 Release Date, News and Features

iOS 10 Release Date, News and Features

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With iOS 10 release date likely couple of months away but its beta version is available for the public to get all kind of testing done and be habitual with the working of Operating System in iPhone and iPad that will come with new features very soon.

Apple IOS 10 update is gaining hype due to the milestone software version number and this software update is basically done to add new features in iPhone and iPad devices to improve its functionality. The first official details about its launch will be announced at WWDC 2016 in San Francisco last month along with launch of watch OS 3.

IOS 10 launch will bring major changes for your daily phone and tablet usage. But users do not have to worry for anything as the new updates will prove to be better in terms of task accomplishment as well as completely free to download.

Amazing Features Encapsulated in Apple IOS 10

  • Notifications about Rich Lock Screen: With launch of Apple IOS 10; Notifications are broken up into bubbles and 3D touch is used to display hidden menu actions.  Calendar invite alert need to be pressed in order to accept or decline the notifications.  3D touch enabled notifications work quite efficiently for messaging purpose in a better way with IOS10 as compared to its previous versions. With IOS 10 update on iPhone or iPad device, users can immediately respond to messages therein as soon as they check the phone as there is no need to leave lock screen for the same.
  • Notification Button Get cleared up: What can be the other way to prove the betterment in IOS 10 when it comes to clearing of old notifications in quick time by with 3D touch. It is much better than IOS 9 where swiping them one by one as well as deleting the m in a group was considered to be a time consuming process.
  • Live Broadcasting Apps: With iPhone and iPad gaming environment getting little more socialized , it is all due to the new features in IOS 10 in which Live Broadcasting App plays an essential role in  transmission of gaming update on social networking as well as social media website. Other than this, replay action kit adds more attraction to the gaming.
  • De-cluttered Control Center: With consistent swipe of bottom control center overlay menu has a brand new look that helps in de-cluttering the layout in IOS 10which is what Apple iPhone and iPad users have been asking for from long time. With the upcoming of IOS 10, Apple users will see and admire bigger Airplay and Airdrop buttons appear above the night shift mode while user toggle for airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth , Do not disturb and Orientation lock.
  • Camera and Widgets with Lock Screen Functionality: With iOS 10, it has become convenient for the Apple iPhone and iPad users to make a flip on the camera with complete feasibility  as the automatic transition to camera app happens in quick time by sliding the lock screen right. IOS 10 has made camera app easier to access as people generally use this photographic app on daily basis for clicking the best views for their life time memory.
  • 3D Touch Shortcuts with Advanced Graphics: Using IOS 10 on iPhone and iPad will give Apple device users an experience to work on 3D touching app tiles which will make users know faster about the closing of daily activity rings in quick time than ever before.

iOS 10 Release Date

Apple is already in preparation to schedule the IOS 10 release date among app developers, public beta testers as well as others; who are waiting desperately about the launch of final version with advanced features but sad to say that it will not support for iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and iPod touch 5th gen. IOS 10 is highly supportive or compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod touch unless user is having age-old phone or tablet with 30 pin dock connector

With apple redesigning iPhone and iPad lock screen and coming up with the top most updating since the launch of 1st iPhone 8 or 9 years back. With no more devices getting manufactured by Apple with slide to unlock or lock phone or tablet, the same features are remodeled and are still present in the iPhone and iPad in other way along with simple instructions “Press Home to Open”.

iPhone and iPad users can take assistance from iOS helpdesk team experts as they have their own helpline number, which is quite a helpful medium for an individual to interact with qualified iOS customer service experts and discuss their queries accordingly to avail quick solutions. Users can know more about the functionalities in IOS 10 by contacting iOS customer support phone number, launched by Apple .