Cisco Announces Collaboration with Ericsson and Intel

Cisco Announces Collaboration with Ericsson and Intel

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Cisco Announces Collaboration with Ericsson and Intel to develop Next Generation 5G Router

Cisco has made an official announcement at GSMA World Mobile Congress in Barcelona about the collaboration with Intel and Ericsson in order to develop and launch next generation 5G router devices that can prove to be a new milestone in IT and Networking Industry when it delivers fastest networking speed, lower latency as well as ability to handle large number of internet connected devices without any hassle.

With large number of business house  having a desire of complete network module that never interrupts their workforce in completion of important tasks on time, the launch of 5G router by Cisco will certainly bring smile on their face as they would like to buy it after knowing that this has been developed by Cisco Industries after collaborating with IT Giants like Ericsson and Intel which has built their reputation across the globe by maintaining their stronghold in the IT and Networking industry from more than a decade.

With this collaboration of IT and Networking industry leaders as well as 5G Pioneers, users can expect highly advanced ,completely secure network with ultra high speed wireless bandwidth that can be beneficial in complete of  task in quick time with the help of internet as transmission of network signals are quite powerful as well as procedure of setting up device within a network is also streamlined to huge extent. World can expect more projects after collaboration of Cisco, Ericsson and Intel to create network of the future with complete security shield encapsulated within the same.  According to sources other project between Intel and Cisco is development of 5G modem and device technology.