Cisco Router Infected by Highly Stealthy Malware

Cisco Router Infected by Highly Stealthy Malware

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Cisco Router Infected by Highly Stealthy Backdoor!! Isn’t it shocking?

With researchers unveiling the news of proactive and highly clandestine attack by SYNful knock malware, it has brought a shockwave across the globe as dozens of Cisco router have been adversely affected due to malicious activities conducted from the backdoor with a main purpose to gain a stronghold inside a network. As this malicious malware detected on multiple routers in 14 countries that include Ukraine, Mexico, Philippines and India, this router is being used as a medium to infect other parts of the targeted network. Implantations in malicious routers are loaded each and every time whenever device is powered on and deliver support to 100 modules that has been designed to target individual PCs associated within a network.

According to official report by Cisco system officials, traces have been confirmed along the detailed report of the SYNful knock malware which have given adverse effects to tons of wireless and wired routers manufactured by Cisco. Software with the name intrusion detection signature have been launched by Cisco which can be installed by users in their device to inhibit or block the malware attack which is still in progress and looking to ruin tons of other models manufactured by Cisco.

If user has found any kind of implant on their network, the impact is really going to be severe. There is a high probability of footholds indicating the status network as compromised by this malicious SYNful knock malware.  Some reports are suggesting that people who have developed that malware that is creating vulnerability on the device by infecting a network is developed by a group of people working for state sponsored spy agency or a criminal organization.

As it is not an easy task for users to remove this kind of malware from their network as they have no idea on what kind of actions that are supposed to be taken due to lack of knowledge and experience. According to sources, Cisco has employed more than 100 tech guys to help users as the critical scenario has arrived and Cisco router customer service team need to be contacted for quick assistance in getting rid of this troublesome problems occurring in their  network and damaging the PC or mobile device to huge extent.

There are several Cisco helpline numbers available on the internet launched for the convenience of the users but issue is quite critical and there is a possibility that most of the phone lines would be busy whenever user gives a call to avail help for Cisco router troublesome issues getting rectified.