Dell Printers with Cloud Based Service

Dell Printers with Cloud Based Service

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Dell Printers with Cloud Based Service for Easy Printing – Isn’t it great!!

As the technology is getting advanced, Dell has all planned to present a new showcase to their new or existing customers by taking them to cloud as well as help all of them to access remote documents with their increased usage of Smartphone and tablets. Dell is manufacturing new printer devices with cloud storage technology as well as designing related software tools in order to help users print documents from desktop, laptops, mobile devices (Android or IOS) and virtual desktop easy and secure.

The new Dell printers with cloud storage facility include colored multifunctional printer worth $329 along with three other monochrome printers available at the price $179. These printer devices are being manufactured keeping in mind the need of users at home as well as in small and medium scale business houses and are set to get released later this August. F- Series printer device will also be launched sooner for large scale business firms as per the news released by Orlando Lacayo; who is the global product line manager working for Dell.

There are various printer devices manufactured by different brands are still in the market from last many years which are managed via cloud. This is the only reason; Dell is also trying to distinguish its product by providing cloud services named as document Hub with own take on Google cloud printing with the help of which documents can be printed  on remote basis and digitized using OCR technology.

As more printers with cloud based technology are manufactured, Dell will be adding more feather to the features of Document Hub or you can say more attributes will be included in the Dell printer features.  The services are being expanded for complete management of remote printers as well as make them more compatible with the OS of mobile devices with the help of which users can take quality print output of documents stored in their Android or IOS device.

With quite few users are well aware about this technology and many of them are still unable to take print output from printer device properly using desktops and laptop; Dell corporation has its own experts available to render quality help to the users whenever they give a call at official Dell printer customer service center by dialing Dell helpline number to avail quality services. Other than this, experts working at Dell helpdesk service centers are highly proficient in helping users in installation, configuration and providing easy tips for taking printouts from document hub from any device by accessing the same through PC or mobile phones in a most convenient way.