Gaping Security in Norton Antivirus

Gaping Security in Norton Antivirus

Norton Antivirus
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Gaping Security Hole Found in Norton Antivirus Engine

With Symantec gaining prominence across the globe with the launch of Norton products, there are certain gaping holes found in the core Symantec antivirus engine and is creating a fuss among the users as they are in dilemma whether to use this antivirus product for secure their PC or mobile device.  Symantec has taken quick steps in resolution of these problems after addressing the issue in the press release issued this month itself.

Due to these critical loopholes in Norton products, there has been decline in sale of Norton products as the PC and mobile users are waiting to get the issues resolved by Symantec itself in quick time. But what about those existing antivirus users; who already have Norton products installed in their PC or Smartphone devices? They keep on giving a call at Norton Symantec customer service phone number to get problem resolution for the issues they face during installation and activation Norton product as well as updating virus definitions in Norton product.

With the revelation of flaw by white hat security expert Travis Ormandy (who is an indispensable part of Google Project Zero Team) claims that Norton Symantec antivirus engine developed by highly susceptible of getting malfunctioned by scammers with portable-executable header file highly competent of causing buffer overflow. Before this Travis Ormandy ahs found vulnerabilities in other antivirus products developed and marketed by Trend Micro, Sophos and Malware bytes.

Such kind of infectious files can get intruded in the device through the access of malicious websites and corrupt the complete device sometimes resulting blue screen error of death (BSOD).

On PC devices with Linux and Mac OS X, remote heap overflow is the functionality with which attacker gain a remote access of the device and controls the complete systems by modifications of administration account. In PC and mobile devices with Windows OS, memory kernel corruption is the result; scan engine is loaded in to the kernel resulting in Remote ring0 memory corruption vulnerability.

Reading this update, Symantec was quite quick to react and flashed press release that software issues have been patched up and there are no more loop holes found in the scanning technology of Norton. If user has knowledge about running a live update on the Norton interface, these kinds of problems can be fixed in quick time.

Meanwhile for existing users who are facing problems due to technical flaws in Norton internet security or Norton 360 antivirus product, Symantec has assigned team of Norton customer service experts in Norton helpdesk team to fix all kind of loop holes found in the Norton antivirus installed in the PC or mobile device of the users. Individual facing problems in antivirus product can dial Norton helpdesk phone number in quick time  to get problematic issues fixed in quick time.