Get 6 Months Norton Antivirus with Activation Key

Get 6 Months Norton Antivirus with Activation Key

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Now Get 6 Months Norton Antivirus Subscription with Activation Key!! Isn’t It Great

With Symantec giving away latest version of Norton Antivirus (NAV) 2018 free for 6 months along with activation code, the company is in no mood to play those gimmicks with which users generally get frustrated searching for the product key and end up liking the Facebook page to get the same. In order to get the free activation code, it is mandatory to download Norton antivirus 2018 from the internet and get the product registered for your PC, Mac, IOS or android device.

Reason Why PC and Smartphone Users Prefer Using Norton Antivirus over Other Security Software.

  • Real-Time Protection against Malware, Trojan horse, and spyware as well as adware
  • Removes all kind of zero day threat and improve performance of the device
  • Norton insight technology allows only trusted applications to get downloaded and installed in the device.
  • Actively protects the PC and Smartphone device from any kind of social media threats.
  • Delivers internet security and protect the identity of users from any kind of hacking activity conducted by cyber criminals.

Essential Features of Norton Antivirus 2018

  • Norton Insight technology feature in security software recognizes within a minute, which downloaded files or applications are safe for the device and does not allow the intrusion as well as the installation of malicious files & applications.
  • Norton Community Watch is one of the essential attributes or feature in Norton antivirus 2018 that virtually tracks each and every internet file or web page browsed by the user on PC, MAC, android or IOS device; which is a part of global threat monitoring.
  • Norton antivirus 2018 has SONAR behavioral technology, which detects a sign of particular downloaded file or application, is dangerous to use as well as proactively protects the device from any kind of zero day threats.
  • Norton antivirus 2018 security application installed on PC, Mac, Android Smartphone or IOS device has download Insight as well as IP address insight that provides security to the device by prohibiting access or download of any software from untrusted websites that have a low score in Norton user community.
  • Scam Insight embedded in Norton Antivirus 2018 to go through the review of website reputation and block the same if found malicious or encrypted with malicious applications.
  • Fraudulent phishing activities blocked by anti-phishing technology feature in Norton antivirus 2018.
  • Identify safe remembers, prevents as well as protectively enter the login id and password in order to prevent them from getting stolen.
  • Norton antivirus 2018 has safe Facebook access feature that automatically scans your Facebook wall containing online threats such as the hacking of FB page, links to phishing sites published on the wall, malicious downloads un-trusted applications configured in Facebook account with spyware that hacks the device by tracing its login details. All these malicious activities do not take place on Facebook account accessed on devices in which Norton antivirus 2018 is successfully installed.
  • Norton 2018 automatically gets updated automatically and installs important product and features when the device is not in use.
  • Pulse update feature in Norton antivirus 2018 helps in updating Norton virus definition update feature in quick time without disturbing users when they are busy performing an important
  • Round the clock real-time threat monitoring by Norton Antivirus 2018 Application.

With Symantec already having a Norton Antivirus helpline number for the convenience of the newbie and other antivirus users, an individual can contact Norton customer service team anytime to interact with qualified experts; who are quite efficient to help users install and activate free Norton antivirus 180-days subscription.

Use Norton Antivirus 2018 to Prevent Intrusion of Malware

Quite a few users aware about identity of virus, which is actually a malware that is a software which gets intruded in the PC ,Mac or Smartphone device through the access of untrusted website and is designed to damage or disrupt the functionality of device with the help of viruses, Trojan horse, worms, adware, spyware and rootkit.

With Norton antivirus security application once installed in the device, it prevents the intrusion of malware applications as the access of untrusted website is blocked on the device that let malicious applications to intrude in the PC, Mac or Smartphone device and disrupt its functionality in quick time.

Users can get Norton antivirus 2018 installed in their device with the help of tech guys working with Symantec Corporation by dialing Norton customer service helpline number in order to get in touch with Norton helpdesk team to get assistance for any kind of problems that occur related to Norton installation issues as well as activating Norton 2018 security with product key.