85 Millions Android Devices Hacked by Chinese

85 Millions Android Devices Hacked by Chinese

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Shocking News!! 85 Millions Android Devices Hacked by Chinese Ad Company

With new malware ad campaign launched by cyber criminals in China, it has hacked 85 million android devices across the globe. This malicious ad campaign has helped a culprit earn more than $300,000 a month with the record download of apps encrypted in the pop-up download.

With complete diagnoses over the source of malware advert campaign, reports have declared that this malicious malware ad campaign was launched by Chinese Ad Company is known as Ying mob that has claimed to offer ad support that includes text, images and video ads. Ad Company in China applied the technology for easy-to-deploy advertisements that generally do not affect user experience as they are unaware of the malicious activities behind the ad display on the android devices by eventually hacking them to steal essential bank and email related details of the users residing worldwide. Mobile users are not that much qualified and knowledgeable as they need to avail Android phone support by dialing Android OS customer service number to avail quick assistance for the quick recovery of data loss and removing the unauthorized access of cyber criminal from the device in order to prevent a further loss that may make the things bad to worst.

As per the victims are concerned, more than 50% of the android users are using KitKat android version and remaining 50% were using Smartphone devices with Lollipop (7%), Jelly Beans (40%), Ice cream Sandwich (2%) and Marshmallow  (1%).

As per the earlier reports, this same Chinese Ad company was held responsible for transmitting Yispecter iOS malware, which was done to target jailbroken and non-jail broken iOS devices.

The HumminBad android malware campaign was launched by Ying mob on Feb 2016 that is meant to create a persistent rootkit on android devices that generate fraudulent ad revenue as well as install malicious apps that helps in giving full control of the device to the attackers and they modify the password of email, banking and other vital account details within seconds.  The scammers have made a full proof plan to steal vital details from the Smartphone device just by hacking it in quick time. In case the first option fails, the Humming Bad launches fake system update dialog boxes which persuade users to enter the essentials of android Smartphone device and in turn install the fraudulent apps in the device and eventually help scammers in giving its complete access even after so many attempts by users to prevent their mobile from getting compromised.

Checkpoint has given a rough estimation that the latest android malware creates 200 million ads on daily basis and earn millions of dollar through the malicious activities happening openly on android Smartphone device with no users able to get rid of these malicious applications from the android device with ease unless he/she avails android  customer support in quick time where users can get rid of all kind hacking issues within shortest time period after following instruction of Android helpdesk experts; who are highly proficient in relieving android users from such problems anytime round the clock whenever call is given at Android helpline number by users to help them rescue from fraudulent android applications installed automatically in their Smartphone device.