Avast Take Over AVG for $1.3 Billion!! Isn’t it shocking?

Avast Take Over AVG for $1.3 Billion!! Isn’t it shocking?

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With more than 200 million users worldwide; Avast antivirus, very well-known for launching consumer grade antivirus software has that unveiled that it will take over its close competitor and rival brand AVG for $1.3 billion in a cash purchase. As both these antivirus giants having its base in Czech Republic; it will be easier for Avast to expand its business operation in European Union as well as in other parts of the globe. With both companies having more than 400 million clients; which also include 15 million users who have security device installed in the mobile device; it will be quite convenient for Avast to expand its market with range of equity share going above the certain height.

Avast is now hoping that the acquisition of AVG antivirus will help them in delivering antivirus and internet security services for small, medium as well as large scale business enterprises. Other than this Avast is also planning to fold up the services of AVG and include the same in its own brand . But it’s still not clear as top Management of Avast has given any notification regarding the same as there might be a possibility to keep selling AVG antivirus as it was used to be done before under that banner itself.


  1. I am really not at all concerned about Avast taking over AVG but it was really surprising to me as I came to know about it. Being Avast my favourite antivirus product with all my devices secured with application installed in the same, I can sense a positive feeling about upcoming security services to be rendered by this brand after acquiring AVG with its base customers of more than 150 million.