Norton Antivirus Flaw Threaten

Norton Antivirus Flaw Threaten

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Norton Antivirus Flaw Threaten Millions of PC and Mobile Users

Is there a single person who has not thought about anything while installing antivirus product in their PC or mobile device? Answer is simple “No, it’s really not possible”. Anyone can answer this without any hesitation as a user always thinks to protect his/her device from any kind of vulnerability that is created due to malicious activities of malware, trojanhorse, spyware, adware and root kits.

But what will he/she do when the same antivirus product become a cause of threat for the device. Same thing is happening with Norton users when they download the latest version of Norton product with huge expectation that his/her device will be secured from malicious activities. In turn, Norton 360, Norton internet security or Norton security products are proving to be quite threatful for their PC or mobile device by allowing cybercriminals to attack the devices with Windows OS at the extreme level regardless of the fact the home (Norton) or enterprise (Symantec) version of the Norton product installed on the device. Rather than blocking the intrusion of malicious software and virus files, it seemingly allows these malicious files to destroy the OS of a device and make it vulnerable to use. None of the system on which Norton product is installed; virus and malicious software get removed automatically upon its tracing.

As per the information gained from sources, Google security search blog on which Travis Ormandy, one of the main security Baffin, generally make get piece of article written from his end about the latest flaws in Norton products such as Norton security and it antecedents that include Norton 360, Norton antivirus and Norton Internet security as well as Symantec endpoint protection, Symantec email security, Symantec protection engine, SharePoint server protection by Norton and much more.

After going through Travis Ormandy write-up notes on vulnerability or ineffectiveness of Norton antivirus, it is quite clear that flaw in Norton products is proved with the hacking of remote code execution and privilege escalation. This means that scammers not only have access of the device remotely but he/she very well gets aware about the credentials required for administration access. From there, installation of malware device, stealing formation as well as drafting a botnet is a process followed by scammers. What will user do if Norton product is not inhibiting the malicious activities performed by malware? User generally rely on Symantec Norton customer service experts who  are highly qualified in resolving the problems  by uninstalling the Norton product full of technical flaws and then install a latest version of Norton antivirus product with secure socket layer that not only protects the device from intrusion of infected files but also blocks the access of un-trusted or malicious websites that contains malicious applications that steals the data and secure bank details saved in your browser as well as email login details eventually make users vulnerable to use.

Symantec has its own customer service team working to render helpdesk service for Norton antivirus to the end users who face virus problems in their pc or mobile device even after getting Norton product installed in their device. Official Norton customer service helpline number is launched by Symantec Corporation to offer helpline services to Norton antivirus users to interact with experts whenever they face any kind of general or critical problem in their device.