Yahoo Ad Network Hacked

Yahoo Ad Network Hacked

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Yahoo Ad Network Hacked to Spread Malware and Ransomware!! Be Cautious

With media unveiling statement in the press release regarding Yahoo ad network hacking for malicious purpose, it has warned internet users to be cautious and has advised all to keep their antivirus updated to prevent intrusion of malware and fake FBI ransomware that generally make PC and android device vulnerable to use. There is a high probability of damage expected with the launch of malvertising campaign from Yahoo ad network that might affect the majority of people. In turn, Yahoo has clarified that media has been engaged in misrepresentation of the scale of attack and probability of adverse impact on users accessing the internet from PC or Smartphone device.

According to media reports; Yahoo website, which is known as one of the biggest portals in the world is being used by cybercriminals to spread malware and fake ransomware pop-up ads on the device of users, which freeze the screen and does not allow the user to perform any activity. According to sources, more than hundreds of millions of users are expected to get affected with this malware and ransomware attack.

Is Yahoo Really Involved in Malvertising Campaign?

As Yahoo advertising network consist of search engine as well as the portal websites such as sports, celebrity, finance, games adjoining; these are exploited to huge extent for spreading ransomware ads on the internet that gets displayed on the device of the user and make it vulnerable to use with constant intrusion of spyware and infectious files

Malware bytes which are a security company is well aware how one of the biggest web portal and ad network  such as Yahoo can become a victim or chosen by cyber criminals  to spread malware and ransomware ads on the device. Having more than 7.5 billion visits per month, Yahoo has gained prominence in the search engine domain as well as services rendered to users from different portal adjoining with Yahoo INC. Jerome Seruga of Malware bytes has claimed the reason behind this attack.

As it is proved that Yahoo has no personal intention to perform cyber criminals activities from its end but one thing is clear that Yahoo ad server is a treasure trove for scammers; who have hacked this ad network to perform criminal activities on the web and damage the devices of the users along with stealing the personal or secure details stored in the device as well as on email accounts accessed through internet as everything comes under their control once the device is hacked. These malware and virus files are of such kind that does not let users know about its intrusion and keep carrying on activities in a hidden way.

Impact of Malware and Ransomware Attack on Device

As per the internet security researchers, there would be the harmful impact of malware and ransomware attack that is done through Yahoo ad network hacking. Malware attacks generally ruin the system performance by infecting the device hard drive as well as create vulnerability through the intrusion of fraudulent software and trojan horse files in the PC or mobile device from the unsecured website. Multiple PCs on a network as re highly affected as these malware files spread in quick time and give adverse impact on the network on which all the PC, laptops, as well as printer and router devices, are connected.

As per the adverse of the effect of FBI fake ransomware is concerned, it targets the hard drive of the PC or mobile phone and encrypts the same in quick time and does not allow the user to access any kind of file stored on the PC as well as asks for a ransom to unlock the same. In this case

Can Internet Security Protect the Device from Malware Attack?

As there are various antivirus brands delivering protection suite rendering complete security to the PC, Mac, IOS and Android device, Norton internet security 2015 is quite an efficient security suite product among them to control this kind of cybercriminal activities. Users, who do not have this product suite installed on their PC or mobile device, can take help from Norton customer service experts working at Symantec Corporation; who can be contacted through Norton helpline number to install internet security suite once purchased online.

Malware byte software is also quite capable is protecting the device from the intrusion of malware with the access of the un-trusted website. In case, malware is detected upon scan, it automatically remove it from the hidden location and make it ineffective to perform any malicious activities as well as restore the changes made by this malicious file till now and keep the PC and mobile device secured from any kind of possible threats from ransomware websites which are blocked automatically with the security shield pre-installed in the device.

The malware campaign was launched for the first time 12 months back in the month of July and it’s already close to one year with cybercrime activities still going on with no count of how many internet users have been adversely affected by this attack.  The best way to get rid of malware and spyware attack is that Norton help and support should be availed from qualified experts working at Symantec for Norton internet security subscription renewal on a timely basis, which is an essential task that needs to be performed to keep the PC and mobile device secured from Malware and network attack.