Is Your Yahoo Email Account Hacked

Is Your Yahoo Email Account Hacked

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Is Your Yahoo Email Account Hacked!!  Keep A Check on Your Email Account

With rumors being spread across the globe about the security breach at Yahoo; more than 450,000 login ids and passwords have been compromised this year along with several accounts of other email service providers such as Gmail and Microsoft Email service provider. This news has been revealed by Yahoo itself. But it’s really surprising to say that users are unaware about the status of their email account as they are not aware about the signals or indications. Many of the users get registered with Yahoo Inc to get personal or official email account and does not login into the account or keep unsecured password, which are highly prone to get hacked or compromised. As there is no official Yahoo customer service helpline number available over the internet with which they can interact with qualified Yahoo customer care experts, there is no other option available with them to resolve troublesome Yahoo account hacking issues in quick time

As they are not aware about how to know whether their Yahoo email account is hacked or not, certain web monitoring sources are available online, this can let users know whether they are victims of the data leak.

Signs or Indications of Hacked Yahoo Email Account

  • Yahoo login credentials.
  • Password cannot be recovered by answering security questions.
  • Unable to modify email settings in Yahoo account.
  • Problem resetting password with alternative email address or recovery phone number.

With malicious websites being accessed unknowingly by users, they fill the PC or mobile device with malware or other virus as well as spywares that compromise Yahoo email account all of the sudden due to certain loopholes in antivirus product installed on the device. Users are not that technical or experienced to resolve Yahoo account compromise issues.

According to suggestion given by various security experts These incidents can only be resolved form user’s end as they need to keep secured password from their end or take the help of Yahoo helpdesk team; who can assist users in creating new password for their personal or official Yahoo mail account as well as help in retrieving compromised account from their end to prevent data loss.