Internet Explorer Dethroned From Top Ranking

Internet Explorer Dethroned From Top Ranking

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Internet Explorer Dethroned From Top Ranking!! Really Shocking

Though Internet explorer ruled the web world for more than decade, but it’s really shocking to say that it has been dethroned from the top position that has now been conquered by Google Chrome. IE browser was quite prominent among the users last decade but its monopoly was over with the launch of Mozilla Firefox in 2004 and then its popularity started diminishing with the advent of Google Chrome that was well equipped with advanced and robust web search technology.

Though, Microsoft kept on incepting the different versions with new features and functionalities but that was not enough to maintain the popularity of Internet explorer as used generally face technical issues in internet explorer such as browser hang-up issues, script error issues, problems related to web page loading, 404 page error, problems removing caches, cookies, and history of web browser, error occur while upgrading browser to latest version, server not found error, unable to uninstall Internet explorer and much more. Though Microsoft still provides Internet Explorer technical support as it has trained and qualified officials available to render Internet explorer browser support in quick time.

Users, who face critical issues in IE web browser; are provided with the Internet Explorer Technical Support Phone Number to get browser related issues fixed in quick time but the busy phone lines often irritate the users who have no other option of using a web browser with technical glitches keep arising one after the other. In case, they get connected with the experts; who are supposed to provide Internet Explorer Browser tech support services in shortest time period.

Support for Internet explorer Browser is provided round the clock by qualified experts working at Microsoft who offer complete browser support as well as remove all kind of technical glitches occurring persistently in the internet explorer version available on their desktop or laptop device.

With Microsoft edge replacing Internet explorer in Windows 10 OS edition, the people are seen having a sigh of relief as they were really frustrated with consistent hang-up of the device upon clicking of IE icon on the desktop. As Internet explorer used to come pre-installed with the previous edition of Windows OS,  it is available free of cost but people are unable to remove the same from their device or sometimes do make an attempt at its removal and see themselves in big trouble with Windows OS sometimes crashing up and leading to data loss. They keep calling at IE browser technical support phone number provided by MS and keep waiting for long on call-waiting queue to get the issues resolved.  Even if their turn comes, experts take a lot of time in diagnosing the problem and then try to fix the issue by degrading the browser version.